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Vegas Tech Road Trip

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The idea has been tossed around for months. Holidays sort of got in the way, as well as life and various excuses. Well, no more excuses. We’re making a trek to our sister city to visit a Vegas Jelly meetup. If you’re interested in going, let us know. Step 1 will be getting a proper date in place. We’re thinking late April or early May. Jellys are on Thursday nights, so we will be most likely leaving on a Thursday morning. A van rental is a strong candidate for transportation. A bunch developers in a van together for 5 hours… mmmmmm I can smell it already.

Tenative dates, if you’re interested, let us know what works for you:
April 26th
May 1st
May 8th

The length of the stay depends on personal budgets and alloted time. We’re really excited about the trip. Let’s make it happen.