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Next Meeting 4/26/12 - Codeventure Time

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April 26th, 2012 will be our next meeting. Who’s speaking this time? GASP! No one. Then what the cabbage will be going on? That’s where it gets interesting. This meeting will have a few “firsts” in it.

First, first…

New venue. We’re trying to hop around all over town and the dudes at Melt Media were swell enough to offer up their place for this weeks meeting. Where’s Melt Media located? Right in the middle of downtown Tempe.

Second, first…

Coding fun! We wanted to try something different this time. Less words, more code. This next meeting, we will be breaking up into teams and work on a project together. What project? That’s for you and your team to decide. What technology? You guys decide. There’s no set rules, really. Just have fun. Team sizes wlll be between 3-5 people. We all know that you learn the most from acutally getting your hands dir-tay. Everyone can continue to collaborate until the next meeting (in a bout a month) and then show off what they’ve created. For this meeting, we will need all disciplines of web development involved. Designers, UX engineers, developers, unicorns etc.

Third, first…

TagSoup is going to Vegas. #VegasTech is growing huge. Since they’re so close, we figured we go check out their Vegas Jelly meetup and hang with some of our friends there. Are you interested in going? Let us know. We will be renting a 12 person van and driving out. We will be discussing the trek in more detail at the meeting.

TTFN - “Did you take a bath in rainbows and cupcakes?”