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JSConf Food II - Drinking in AZ

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Now you know where to eat, but now you’re thirsty.

Another tweet came in asking about drinking in AZ, specifically beer. Then a couple more came over. So here’s another list. Again, if anyone has suggestions, leave a comment, submit a pull request, or msg me. I will get it added. Let’s get started with the drinkys.

Local Breweries

  • Four Peaks

    A short ride from the hotel, but this is one of the state’s most popular micro breweries. Not only do they have great beer, they also have great food. It’s in Tempe, near ASU, so it can get pretty busy with college kids some night. Parking always sucks. If you park in the back, don’t park by neighboring shops. They get pissy.
    Directions from the Hotel

  • San Tan Brewery

    Was here for the first time yesterday, talking ideas for !conf. Great place, I had the Sex Panther beer (current special). Double stout deliciousness. To accompany the brew? Porck nachos. It’s a bit far from the hotel, but if you have the means, I highly recommend it.
    Directions from the Hotel

  • Papago Brewing

    Closest to the hotel. I’ve never been, but after reading up and asking friends, I hear good things.
    Directions from the Hotel

  • SunUp Brewing

    Never been, thought I would include it. It’s in a cool part of Phoenix though. Sorry, that’s all I got.
    Directions from the Hotel

  • Pinnacle Peak Patio

    Farthest from the hotel. Never been, thought I would include it. Again, sorry, that’s all I got.
    Directions from the Hotel

  • Sleepy Dog Brewery

    Recommended by friends, I’ve never been. We’ve all heard good things though. It’s a short ride to the Tempe location.
    Directions from the Hotel

  • Rock Bottom

    More of a corporate franchise spot. I haven’t been in a while, but I remember good food. I don’t remember much of the beer. That doesn’t mean a whole lot though, if I drink enough, I don’t remember anything.
    Directions from the Hotel