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Thanks Avital Oliver From Meteor.js

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In case you missed the meet up (a lot of you did!) here’s the link to the hangout. We had some weird sound issues, a slight echo, but it still turned out great!

Thanks again Avi, that was great stuff.

Meteor.js Meeting Details

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Meteor JS Team Member Avital Oliver!

Meeting time and date: 7pm (Arizona Time), Nov 15th, 2012

We’re really excited about this one. I remember when I first saw Meteor.js. I think @0lu, @rxgx or @phil_renaud sent it to me. It was probably the day it launched. Srsly amazeballs. The only thing that kept me from really falling in love with it was the lack of security. That’s all changed now…

Fast forward to Oct 17th (or maybe at this point I should say rewind). This blog post is dropped. It took me a second to find the link to the screencast. When I did, it was like an early Halloween treat. So much sweet, sweet sugar. After talking with everyone, we thought it would be great to try and get someone from the Meteor team to do a TagSoup.

After a few emails, Avital Oliver, JS Engineer at Meteor, agreed. 2 Legit (hay hay)!

With all that said, here’s the deets:
When: Nov 15th, 2012 7pm-9pm
Where: Melt Media

Same format as the last meeting with the TypeScript team. Totally open. Ask anything, be prepared, and most important… Have Fun!

Hopefully, it will be a lot like:

Meet Chakra and TypeScript Team Members - Rob and Luke

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A huge thanks to Rob Paveza (@robpaveza) and Luke Hoban (@lukehoban) for hanging out with us tonight. We saw some really nice TypeScript magic, heard about what it’s like working at Microsoft and got to pick the brains of Rob and Luke. If you weren’t able to see the meetup in person (shame), or on our live broadcast (moar shame), check out the recorded version.

Update from Rob

“I’m not sure if this has built-in support for the MVC bundling or not, but this is what I was talking about tonight, with improved TypeScript support within Visual Studio.”

Meeting Announcement

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Picking the brains of Chakra team members Rob and Luke

Meeting time and date: 7pm (Arizona Time), Oct 18th, 2012

Recently Microsoft announced a programming language “that solves a very specific problem – getting JavaScript development to scale.”

Meet TypeScript

There was a lot of chatter on the social outlets. Some positive vibes, some haters and some indifferent. Let’s face it though, TS is new and we all have questions. So TagSoup is lucky enough to have a couple TypeScript team members come and chat with us (it’s going to be google hangout this time) about their baby. Rob Paveza (Program Manager on the Chakra Team) and Luke Hoban (Principal Program Manager on Chakra and TC39 Committee) from Microsoft are going to be spending some time with us. This isn’t going to be a “Presentation” but more of a “Round Table” talk with Rob and Luke. So bring your questions, thoughts and suggestions.

TypeScript caused a huge wave in the JS ocean, but, you don’t have to limit your questions for Rob and Luke to just “TypeScript”. These guys are great developers and have some powerful thoughts and insight on topics like JavaScipt in general, GRIDS, MV*, Yeoman etc. The idea of these round table discussions is to “knowledge share”, learn from each other and make you think in ways that make your brain hurt.

Our friends over at Melt Media have stepped up to the plate and offered their building for our meeting location. We will holding the event on Oct 18th, 7pm at Melt Media. We will also be trying our luck with a google hangout broadcast. Fun stuff. We’re counting on everyone to create a great discussion and ask as many questions as you’d like.

Weekly Meeting

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Oh hai!

Come on down to Cartel Coffee in Tempe, drink some coffee and write some code. We will be there Thursday night (7/19) from 7pm until close.

Some of our friends from 8byte8 will be in town and hanging out. Come say hi and show them some AZ love.

See you then!


July 12th Meet Up

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Oh hai!

Come on down to Cartel Coffee in Tempe, drink some coffee and write some code. We will be there tonight from 7pm until close.

If you’re interested in BackBone.js, we’re looking for more people to join the training class put on by Derek Bailey from WatchMeCode. Come ask me for the deets.

See you tonight!


Looking for a Job?

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Joe messaged me the other day, wanting to post some info about companies he’d been interviewing with. Turns out, it’s a great time to be a developer looking for work. Here’s some of the info Joe messaged me with: - Media analytics

Location: Boulder, CO
Need: Node.js developer
Salary: Unknown
Who to contact: Kristi Mark - - 303-736-9839

Notes: They just finished Techstars Cloud, and 2.5m angel funding and are working on series A. They’re doing some pretty cool stuff with media analytics (Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, basically anything you stream online) and are working on contracts with media providers. @msitarzewski seemed pretty cool too

360 Cloud Solutions - NetSuite consulting

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Need: Javascript developer, frontend and backend (using some Tomcat stuff)
Salary: About 70k
Who to contact: Rob Jones - - 602-273-7100

Notes: They customize NetSuite installs for clients, using Javascript end to end. They develop in Eclipse and it sounded like that’s the only option for what they do. I’m told it’s a really cool place to work, but didn’t get a chance to meet most of the developers or see what it’s like. It’s ultra casual though, shorts and sandals.

Village Voice

A print media company that owns a handful of publications, including Arizona New Times. They’re looking for a PHP developer to help maintain and upgrade their custom CMS (based on CakePHP) as well as some front-end work. I met the lead developer and CIO, both were really cool guys, and their office was pretty nice. They also have a Mobile department and they’ve acquired some Ruby properties that they’re maintaining and bringing in house, so knowledge there is a bonus.

Location: Phoenix, AZ (12th and Jefferson)
Salary: ~65k

Contact: Chris Swinton - 480-342-9900 (recruiter for AZ Tech Finders, really legit guy though, trust me)

Liquid Web

A hosting company based out of Michigan but with an office up in Scottsdale, has an opening for a front-end javascript developer. The position involves supporting and updating tools used for internal use. Their backend is all Perl, I’ve met the whole team over there, and they’re pretty cool guys.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Salary: unknown

Follow up on, they are no longer hiring right now. I still thought it was worth listing.


Weekly Meeting Details

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Hey there!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to see all your lovely faces last week. I was getting my javascript learn on, in Austin, TX. Tomorrow’s meeting (June 21) marks the 4th weekly TagSoup gathering… in a row. OMG . That’s a full month. We should TOTALLY celebrate, am I right? So come on down to Cartel Coffee in Tempe and we can drink some delish coffee and write some code, build X and talk about Y.

Also, some friends are putting together a BackBone.js training class. They have been in contact with Derek Bailey, from, and have scheduled him to fly out in mid August for a 2 day class. There are a few slots left, and if you’re interested, please get a hold of me and I can give you all the details.

See you tomorrow!


PhxTagSoup Goes Weekly

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After a lot of feedback from friends, we decided to start holding a TagSoup meeting each week. So, starting May 31st, we will be meeting at Cartel Coffee each week. Every Thursday night, from 7pm - close, we will be at Cartel. If you want to continue to hang out after hours, Casey Moore’s is next door. Take advantage.

May 31st’s meeting will be a great time to meet with your teams (from April’s meeting) and hopefully wrap up your projects. I know I still have a lot of work to do.

There will be some more announcements made later this week. Hope you all enjoy this news.