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Picking the brains of Chakra team members Rob and Luke

Meeting time and date: 7pm (Arizona Time), Oct 18th, 2012

Recently Microsoft announced a programming language “that solves a very specific problem – getting JavaScript development to scale.”

Meet TypeScript

There was a lot of chatter on the social outlets. Some positive vibes, some haters and some indifferent. Let’s face it though, TS is new and we all have questions. So TagSoup is lucky enough to have a couple TypeScript team members come and chat with us (it’s going to be google hangout this time) about their baby. Rob Paveza (Program Manager on the Chakra Team) and Luke Hoban (Principal Program Manager on Chakra and TC39 Committee) from Microsoft are going to be spending some time with us. This isn’t going to be a “Presentation” but more of a “Round Table” talk with Rob and Luke. So bring your questions, thoughts and suggestions.

TypeScript caused a huge wave in the JS ocean, but, you don’t have to limit your questions for Rob and Luke to just “TypeScript”. These guys are great developers and have some powerful thoughts and insight on topics like JavaScipt in general, GRIDS, MV*, Yeoman etc. The idea of these round table discussions is to “knowledge share”, learn from each other and make you think in ways that make your brain hurt.

Our friends over at Melt Media have stepped up to the plate and offered their building for our meeting location. We will holding the event on Oct 18th, 7pm at Melt Media. We will also be trying our luck with a google hangout broadcast. Fun stuff. We’re counting on everyone to create a great discussion and ask as many questions as you’d like.