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Joe messaged me the other day, wanting to post some info about companies he’d been interviewing with. Turns out, it’s a great time to be a developer looking for work. Here’s some of the info Joe messaged me with: - Media analytics

Location: Boulder, CO
Need: Node.js developer
Salary: Unknown
Who to contact: Kristi Mark - - 303-736-9839

Notes: They just finished Techstars Cloud, and 2.5m angel funding and are working on series A. They’re doing some pretty cool stuff with media analytics (Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, basically anything you stream online) and are working on contracts with media providers. @msitarzewski seemed pretty cool too

360 Cloud Solutions - NetSuite consulting

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Need: Javascript developer, frontend and backend (using some Tomcat stuff)
Salary: About 70k
Who to contact: Rob Jones - - 602-273-7100

Notes: They customize NetSuite installs for clients, using Javascript end to end. They develop in Eclipse and it sounded like that’s the only option for what they do. I’m told it’s a really cool place to work, but didn’t get a chance to meet most of the developers or see what it’s like. It’s ultra casual though, shorts and sandals.

Village Voice

A print media company that owns a handful of publications, including Arizona New Times. They’re looking for a PHP developer to help maintain and upgrade their custom CMS (based on CakePHP) as well as some front-end work. I met the lead developer and CIO, both were really cool guys, and their office was pretty nice. They also have a Mobile department and they’ve acquired some Ruby properties that they’re maintaining and bringing in house, so knowledge there is a bonus.

Location: Phoenix, AZ (12th and Jefferson)
Salary: ~65k

Contact: Chris Swinton - 480-342-9900 (recruiter for AZ Tech Finders, really legit guy though, trust me)

Liquid Web

A hosting company based out of Michigan but with an office up in Scottsdale, has an opening for a front-end javascript developer. The position involves supporting and updating tools used for internal use. Their backend is all Perl, I’ve met the whole team over there, and they’re pretty cool guys.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Salary: unknown

Follow up on, they are no longer hiring right now. I still thought it was worth listing.