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March Meeting Recap

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Here’s a short recap from last nights (3/22/12) meeting:

@rwaldron showed off his node/arduino goodies. He’s starting building on top of a previously existing library, and extending the hell out of it. I can’t wait to start messing with this one:duino. We also have the video recording from our Skype call. The video capture is a bit choppy, but the audio is yummy. So if you don’t like the choppy, just listen. It’s well worth it.

Special shout outs to Taco, Alli, BumbleBee and “them apples”.

@divya was next up and she covered a bunch of topics. From HTML5 boilerplate, the new developer workflow, build scripts, webfonts, css preprocessors, hawt pink and more. The fun new toy I will be playing with after hearing @divya talk about… css Exclusions. mmmmhmmmmm

After the video chats, the group got into a discussion this piratepad list. Looks like we have found some spots for the rumgr folks! I will be writing a blog post explaining why the 30 Day Challenge never finished.

!conf has the last JS ticket to give away. How do you win? Well, come to the conference dressed in your best cowboy/cowgirl outfit. The best dressed gets it. Why did we decide to go this route? Well, everyone can easily participate, it adds a ton of fun to the conference, and who doesn’t love sharply dressed cowfolk? JSConf party tickets have gone on sale now. I hear the parties are amazing. Come hang with us.

!conf still needs some volunteers. If you’re interested, send @PhxTagSoup or @notconf a msg. Please consider it if you have spare time. It’s going to be a fun one.

TagSoup needs help too. Whether it’s design, writing, code, hairstyling etc… we can use your help. I will leave it at that.

Thanks so much to everyone that came. NACHOS!!!