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Meeting Announcement March 22nd, 2012

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Oh hai.

It’s been a while since we’ve had out last meetup but we’re back in full gear. The holiday break was nice and allowed us to plan some big things.

First you’ll notice a new venue. Unicon has been nice enough to allow us to use their space for the evening. We want to start rotating where the meeting is held each month. So if you have a spot for us, let us know. We would love to have TagSoup at your place.

If you plan on coming, please head over to out MeetUp page and RSVP (it helps us order the right amount of food). Unicon, located in Gilbert, might be a bit of a drive for you. It will be worth it. Here’s why:

<3 Rick Waldron (@rwaldron) is going talk about surprises. And how to present a surprise to a group of developers. (all this means is I asked Rick to have fun and talk about whatever he wants). Rick currently works at Bocoup as a JavaScript Punk Rocker.
<3 Divya Manian (@divya). Divya points and laughs. She gossips about CSS & HTML. Divya currently works at Opera as a Web Opener. She will be crafting words, from her mouth that shall intrigue and captive the youth. (again, when she asked what she should talk about, I just said, have fun and do whatever you want.)
=== <3 Ryan Gasparini (@rxgx) and Tony Camp (@tonyjcamp) are going talk about pseudo friends, pseudo elements, pseudo fun? (Depending on time)
  • Like always, free nom noms
  • Free drinkies
  • NotConf announcements
  • Crew Cuts

Hope to see you all there:…

Very elegant men will be there, including: