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HTML5 Boilerplate History W/ Paul Irish

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Day 9 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge

The HTML5 Boilerplate project was one of the first github projects that I REALLY started to use when it first came out. Sure, there were some libraries, plugins, or whatever that I had used before the HTML5 BP, but this is the first I used on a regular basis. After watching the repo and using the code base for a while, I would try and help out the project here and there. Most time, nothing major, but hey… better than nothing:


My first attempt


Attempt #2, more people interested this time

Ticket 844, History of the HTML5 BP

Back in October, I went to the jQuery Conference with @rxgx, @phil_renaud, @lukekarrys, and @richardiii. There were a ton of really great talks. One of the most entertaining, was given by @rwaldron and @ajpiano about helping with the jQuery project. They made a point to ask for help with writing documentation. During that talk, I told myself I would help write “some” documentation for “something” “soon”. So one day, while looking at the open issues on the HTML5BP project, I came across ticket #844. I thought I would give it a shot. Here’s the PiratePad where it all started.

After some discussion on pirate pad, I came up with a some questions about the project’s history. Paul was nice enough to make these videos and send them to me. These vidoes are what I based the document on. Mostly put his words down in writing, and sprinkled in a little fun. I don’t think anyone has ever seen these before today. Enjoy!