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OMG That Is So Kewl - Show and Tell

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This Thursday, (October 27, 2011, 6:30 PM) we will be hosting the next Phx Tag Soup event. Terralever has been nice enough to let us use their space again.

This month a couple of Phx locals will be giving short (10-15min) talks on projects they’ve been developing. We also have some non-locals giving lightening web talks about their projects.

Luke Karrys, Mustached Manveloper The Mustached Manveloper, Luke Karrys (@lukekarrys), will talk about the pain points he ran into with his HTML5 history API capable site he recently worked. Plus, discussing how he can pack so many buzzwords into a single project.
Alan Hogan Alan Hogan (@AlanHogan) is going talk about when your plan might not go quite as planned… see what I did there?
Then, via the internets: Ray Morgan Our friends in Las Vegas have been busy writing an iOS app called Rumgr. Started by Zappos developers Dylan Bathurst (@dylanbathurst) and Ray C. Morgan (@raycmorgan), Rumgr has gone on to win some serious awards. Since it’s launch Ray and Dylan have left Zappos to live the startup dream. And that’s exactly what Ray will be talking about.

Finally, we have a very special guest. He will be discussing a library that most front-end developers have heard of, and most likely have used on current projects. He also happened to write that library, so this should be hawttt.

Right after the talks wind down, we’re heading to Rula Bula to grab a drink and just hang out. So come out, show some support for the Phx Interwebs Community and have a good time.

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