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Ryan Dahl's History of Node.js

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Being a late on anything sucks right? But being late is always better than not finishing what you set out to do. So I just want to do a small recap of September’s meet-up. Bottom line, Ryan fucking Dahl (@ryah)!! Ryan was nice enough to take some time to talk to us about the history of Node.js. He’s never really told this story until now. Thanks so much Ryan

Check out the video here:

Getting this video up on the web was hooker-ish. After the meet-up was over, I excitedly opened my laptop to watch the video. The computer was acting strange and eventually locked up before I could play the video. So half drunk, I reboot the laptop. I start up SilverBack App to check out the video and it looks great. BUT there is no audio. So after 3-4 days doing anything I could to save the file I gave up. I mean, FFMPEG even failed me :( I wipe up my tears and I eventually had to send the file off the be “professionally” repaired. Oh well, that shit happens. I’m just glad the video was saved.

No more talky, just go watch the video again, then hack on something.